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Why acquire your Obama Care insurance with us?

At South Florida Insurance Brokers, we are not an Insurance Company, we are Independent Agents who select Leading Companies to represent them with high professionalism and ethic values. We have twelve (12) years of Experience in the Health Insurance Industry. We concentrate our efforts in identifying the client's needs, and matching them to the best Obama Care Plans. If you want personalized service; come with us!!. Our agents provide best service to our clients in Florida.

There are two ways to get Individual and Family Insurance:
On the Market Place Off The Marketplace
The only reason to apply on the Marketplace is if you qualify for Tax Credits or Cost Sharing Reduction. In order to qualify, Your Family or Individual Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) needs to be between 100% and 400% of the Federal Poverty Level. In this case we will do your application for the Obama Care Plan On The Marketplace (See table below to see if you qualify or if you need more details please give us a call). Your family or Individual Modified Adjusted Gross Income is over 400% of the Federal Poverty Level, which means that you don't qualify neither for Tax Credits nor for Cost Sharing Reduction and therefore you don't have to apply through the Marketplace. We can do an application quickly with the Insurance of your choice, no pre-existing conditions, no rate ups for any reasons except when you are a smoker.

Marketplace 2015 Federal Poverty Level (FPL) Guidelines
for Florida for 2016 Open and Special Enrollment Periods
Persons in
Poverty guideline
(100% of FPL)
150% FPL 200% FPL 250% FPL 400% FPL
1 $11,770 $17,655 $23,540 $29,425 $47,080
2 $15,930 $23,895 $31,860 $39,825 $63,720
3 $20,090 $30,135 $40,180 $50,225 $80,360
4 $24,250 $36,375 $48,500 $60,625 $97,000
5 $28,410 $42,615 $56,820 $71,025 $113,640
6 $32,570 $48,855 $65,140 $81,425 $130,280
7 $36,730 $55,095 $73,460 $91,825 $146,920
8 $40,890 $61,335 $81,780 $102,225 $163,560
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